About Us

Established in 2009,Dreamtouch Placement consultant is one of the india's largest and leading manpower consulting and recruitment company.we have a presence in 3 cities spanning all across india.Dreamtouch Placement consultant is a correctly positioned to address any kind of recruitment-indian or global in the manpower consulting and recruitment business.The key drivers to our sucess are highest standards of quality,integrity,trust and commitment,whereby providing top quality professional services.needless to say,we keep client interest foremost on our roster and client satisfaction is our forte.


Vision To become a center of excellence in the fields of design, communication and related emerging areas in Education, training,distribution, Research in to the values, ethos and highest level of quality and by establishing a well defined interlink among the above areas.


Mission To be a premier institute/Organization with continuous improvement and achieve excellent customer satisfaction in providing high end skill training and development on emerging technologies by Bridging the Gap between Academic and Indus, in the fields of Information Technology and communication.


Dreamtouch Placement Consultant refers to concepts of the best form of leadership from Greek mythology. Dreamtouch Placement Consultant was a principal success -no other option was acceptable.